TCF Thor Unveiled

Say hello to the TCF Thor:
A joint-project by myself and FSF. He created the entire model, as well as added POF Data and glowpoints. I created the concept from which the model was born. The concept I refer to is the C-2, found on my concepts thread. A lot of credit goes to FSF for all the work hes done to make it possible.

The Thor was inspired after the Wasp Fighter for the United Earth Front from Supreme Commander 2. Originally designed to be an interceptor, it has since become an assault fighter, meant to succeed the Hercules family line. It largely does that, and can replace the Erinyes or Ares in some circumstances. It has half the Erinyes firepower, and isn't as heavily armored or shielded as the Ares, but boasts better speed and maneuverability in order to compensate.

True, it has no textures to speak of. But even without them, I believe it looks amazing. I would eventually like to get a texture for it completed. In the meantime, enjoy!

Very nice, it looks a little like
Crashed into
Beautiful model, Loving the detail
'Memory and imagination are but one thing, which for diverse considerations, have diverse names'
¦- F R E D E N T H U S I A S T -¦

Ha! So it does, ghhyrd. Nice observation.

A textured version of the Thor is currently in the works. I recently discussed with FSK the possibility of him texturing it, and he agreed to do it. I can't really cover what was discussed, but what I can tell you is that the Thor will look fantastic in the end.

So, fingers crossed, you'll get to see it soon.

As some of you may know already, the Thor's name has become a highlight on the Hard-Light Forums. A few people have suggested that the name be changed, as Thor is already in use by this craft:

A name change is pretty much bound to happen anyway, so I've given in to the suggestions. At current, I have already stated reserving "Viking" as a possible name, and General Battuta has suggested "Durendal". For those who don't know French legends or missed it on Hard-Light, Durendal is the name of the Mystical Sword of Roland, Charlemagne's revered Paladin. It is also said to possible mean "To Endure".

If you would like to forward a suggestion for a name, post it either here or on the hard-light forum. I will eventually run a poll so the final name can be voted. This will more then likely happen closer to when the texture is complete.

Redirected from Hard-Light:

"I have decided.

Due to a lack of suggested names and my increasing failed attempts at not referring to the Thor as Durandal (At least to myself), Durandal will be the new and final name for the Thor."

Congratulations goes to General Battuta for the name. Everyone should give him a round of applause. Not here though! On the Hard-Light thread, you should.

There has been some posts regarding a major bug the Durandal had. The bug was identified and fixed. For details of what the bug was and whatever else was spoken, please check the Hard-Light thread.
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