Cerberus has returned

I'm announcing the return of Cerberus, a project I commenced well over a year ago and left idle due to development/real-life issues. This is not just a return, but also a reboot, and I plan to see this one completed.

The new Cerberus plot is set thirteen years after Capella in the Altair system. The player is taking part in a Terran-Vasudan exchange program onboard the GVD Nafretiri, flagship of the 16th Vasudan Battlegroup. What starts out as a renegade threat will soon turn into something much more extreme.

This is what the project aims to feature:

-A conflict bringing both Terrans and Vasudan forces together against the returning Shivan foe
-A lineup of old and new craft with several new weapon technologies
-Some new effects and audio enhancements
-A completely new plotline with character involvement, largely inspired from the Blue Planet saga by Darius and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward
-Hopefully a collection of new combat, briefing and other miscellaneous music tracks
-A reinvented new alien race

And in response to an earlier question by Starlord:

-The SJ Dante returns

I hope there are some in Sectorgame that might take interest in the return of Cerberus or want to band together to make it happen someday. This thread willl serve for any updates or news for now at least. I will understand if very few take interest or place trust in this project due to failing to deliver the old Cerberus.

You may post here if you have any questions or wish to know more. Alternatively, you can message me for details or if you have interest in the project.

As a first update, I'd like to mention the early details of the modification. To make planning segments of the story easier, it is being divided into ACTs. The first ACT, titled "Emergence" in honour of the original Cerberus, has finished being scripted and is under construction. Without delay, here are the details for ACT 1:

"Emergence begins in the year 2380 A.D, approximately thirteen years after the Second Great War. The setting is the Altair system, under the protection of the Vasudan 16th battlegroup. Leading the way is the GVD Nafretiri, a Hateshsput-class destroyer. About to take place is the quarterly Terran-Vasudan exchange program. Joining the Nafretiri are three Terran pilots from Vega's training academy who would've otherwise joined the Terran 7th fleet in Alpha Centauri. You play as Wolf, one of the promising three pilots. Accompanied by Avatar and Ghost, you will wade your way through the events waiting just ahead."

ACT 1 will span approximately seven levels. Each aims to be different in terms of mission type, to create a lot of variety, so rarely will two levels seem the same.

No forums dedicated to Cerberus exists at this stage, but if you would like to contribute, you are more than welcome.
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Delete what? The old forums or the demo of the original Cerberus?

Oh, and when I mentioned contributing, I meant like:

-Volunteering for Fredding levels
-Textures/Effects/Interface/Hud stuff

Anything like that if you really feel up to it.

That would be correct. It is the Bek'tah Bomber, a Taristin design. This particular one has a modified base texture, as well as modified shine, glow and normal mapping. Engine and shield effects for it are still being decided.

Good one, Snail.

It will not serve as a Bek'tah or Terran vessel. Terrans have enough ships already and the Bek'Tah are not a race that will appear. There is no information that describes them and I'm not looking to persue or invent any.

It will serve for a new race, the details of which are remaining hidden.
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