Dead mouse/game controll at Call-SIgn entry

I hope someone can help.
I have installed Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War which I purchased through Ebay. I installed it without issues and can use the start screen. Once the game starts and I am about to input a call-sign, my mouse dies and I have no cursor controll. It even seems to just pause almost indefinately, but will move for half a second and appear at another end of the screen and again, a lengthy pause (2-3 minutes!!!)
I need to Esc to get out.

The Reame File mentions...
" - Fixed problem with mouse not working at all on some machines"

Can anyone Help?

Asus AM2 Dual core
M2A-VM Mobo
2GB Ram
e-GeForce 8500GT, 1GB Video
Windows XP Pro SP2
W/MS Mouse (tried corded mouse too)

It sounds like you should try a priest. :razz: [/joke]

Are you using the latest version of FS2_Open? Because if you're running the game raw, then it's no wonder why you're getting errors.
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