Ship mod problem(new to freespace moding)

So im new to freespace 2 moding and recently finished the game(really want a fs3 with that ending QQ)
so i already had freespace open and used graphic enchancments during camp.however i wanted to play with a overpowered rape all ship know for the luls and found atlas on ur mod packs ( ... ads&id=402 ) however no mater what mission or what campaigin i do it never shows either whith it weapons or design. it showss up under ship info on database screen but thats it.i have tried alot to make it wok from basic retail runs to fs open 3.6.9 like it says in the mods descrition i have triple checked file loacations and even went through the code to make sure it was listed at least. After all this fails i come to yall.please treat this freespace newb kindly ^^
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Let's try the obvious one first, have you actually installed or written any missions that actually use the Atlas?

Cause with FS2 simply adding a new ship won't do anything beyond showing it in the tech room (and even that's not 100%).

I can't think of any new campaigns that use the atlas off the top of my head, maybe one of the others will know. The other choice is to use FRED (the link in my FAQ will help you get started with that) and write your own missions. :)
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ

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Thanks that'll help my problem.gonna kill my dumbass friend "just put it in there and itll work regardless" ill check that link after i clean the blood off my sword ^^
Nobody dies a virgin, life screws everyone.
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