My bad, I wasn't specific.

The hud icon for the shield.

Edit: While mentioning the interface art and shield icons, I may as well as which craft I've made them for.

Interface: GTF Perseus Advanced, GTF Draco, GTF Falcon, GTB Claymore, GTB Thunderbolt, GTF Phoenix, GTF Valkyrie Mark II, Lizardcraft Losna

Shield Icon: GTF Falcon, GTB Claymore, GTB Thunderbolt, GTF Valkyrie Mark II, Lizardcraft Losna

Here is the progress on the demo and overall project for those who are curious.

Missions - Prologue-Mission 04 done, Mission 05-??, Prologue-Mission 04 Subtitles/Proof-edit
Effects - Finished
Models - Finished
Hud - Finished
Maps - Few Shine Maps, Few Format Conversions
Sound - Finished
Command Briefings - Mission 03 anims need doing
Interface - Credits Picture 025-045
Music - Finished
Player - Images Finished
Tables - Done unless editing requires
Voice - Done unless more requires

While I finish the last parts of the demo, I must admit, I never imagined all the hard work I've had to put in alone to bring the project this far. If only I knew people in my local area who had or would like to join up and learn some of the know-how, I could no doubt say the end wouldn't be far away.

I did have a brainwave regarding the community if anyone would like to be involved with Emergance. Depending how things would go after the Demo is released, which it will, I was thinking of letting a certain few who knows a thing or two about fredding and wishes to map some of the next few levels.

I've yet to come to a decision, but if you are interested, just shout out or message me. I will keep you informed as I roll to finishing this thing

It's been a bit quiet so I must state where the mod is right now.

Almost all messages for the demo levels are in, the last bugs are gone for now and I've been mad with testing the levels to make sure they work like they should.

It is only inches from finish, the demo that is. But due to a few events lately, I may get distracted for a few days, taking up some time, while I get my head around things.

In the meantime, I have thought about it and I am willing to accept those who have the potential and would like to map the next lot of levels. Let me know if you are interested.

Edit: By saying this, I will be releasing the full content for the modification. Content not already in will be developed for the final product. But this only means the command briefings at this point.

Well, folks. After a lot of hard work and thorough testing from level 01-04, I'm pleased to say the demo is ready to go as far as I can see.

Now, I am aiming to release within the next week or two, but I can't give a precise date yet. I hope that the effort will pay off in the end.

So stick with me folks. It's coming.

Edit: Oh by the way, while I await the right day for releasing the demo, I'm going to be working on a small side project, to better develop and test some new skills I have never employed. I could use a few pointers though:

*How to create a new cursor for menus
*Ideal voice recoding techniques (I use AVS Audio Editor)
*Ideal faction construction

I know about the .ani stuff. My problem is the exact settings for creating it in anibuild and the method for creating my cursor in my graphics programs, such as gimp.

As for faction creation, I mean what kind of things should I take into consideration when creating a faction, such as, for example, a military faction, or a freedom fighter faction.

Ok, the demo is fully ready to upload. I've given it enough checks and what not to deem it good to go. I just need the all clear. It's about 143mb compressed and is a .zip archive.

Edit: Taking shadow's advice, I will recompile the folder. I've also had to delay by an extra day to resolve a few texture issues and weed some unneeded. Be ready, because at last, it is coming.

Another Edit: Just the last fix before release, the shielding. Seems my icons need fixing up. Problem is, I've forgotten the steps to properly create them and the settings for anibuild. Someone mind giving me a run-through?
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Well folks, it's here. After gaining the permission for the upload, support from you, the community, and the difficult challenge of bringing it this far through the frustrations of modding, the demo is ready to go!


Summary: Set thirteen years after the Capella Incident, the Terran-based 16th expeditionary battlegroup is being sent to the Kryer system, a year discovered a year ago. Communication with all allied forces in the system ceased and the cause was never determined. You'll fly as Commander Jack Fenrik of the reassigned 70th Blue Lions serving the GTD Cerberus, a Tennyson-class destroyer acting as flagship.

Important Notes: This demo release has taken an Inferno: Release 1 approach. It contains the first four levels and all current content for the project. Still to come are command briefings, shield fixes (if mine suck), the rest of the singleplayer levels and anything else needed as developed.

There are five content files you need to play. They are core, interface, models, music part 1 and music part 2.

Although the mod began on 3.6.9, it has since been modified heavily on 3.6.10 and requires it. I would recommend the rc2 release for maximum support. It requires a complete install of freespace 2 and all its files, as well as the mediavps.

To Install: Extract the core file first and drag the cerberus-emergance folder into your Freespace 2 directory. Then, extract the inerface and models folders. Drag the respective folders in the data folder of cerberus-emergance. Create a folder called music, extract the music files and drag the contents of both into the music folder. Afterward, you should only need to select the mod in the launcher. When loaded, select the campaign file and you're ready to play!

Final notes: There may be bugs or errors, but not any of my knowledge. If you find any, start listing them asap! Also, if you would like to be part of the mod's coming development, let me know. I'm keen on anyone wanting to help craft the next levels or anything else needed!

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