Red engines successfully implemented and operational.

I'm not going to glorify the missions included as I'm not a very good Fredder. However, I'll include a few missions just so you can jump into action as soon as the mod is downloaded. :)

P.S. I have a cold. :( May take a little while for the complete mod to release.

Greetings my fellow creatures from planet Terra! 0.o
Just an update, I proudly announce that this modification based on the original works of Darth Maul is now complete! :D However, the release of the Star Wars mod will be delayed until I'm confident with the amount of missions I'm including. There won't be any campaigns, however, myself and another (Kaldar) are working to include a couple missions. So far, I believe there are four missions; two of which are BOE-type missions, the other two will require the player to destroy a massive space station. The space station will be similar to this one:


However, the newest version I'm including will be reskinned and will have the ability to shoot at you. Your objective will be similar to the Star Wars variant, get in, destroy the reactor core and get out before the resulting shockwaves incinerate your ship.

Another update that I wanted to share is the hanger bay paths on the Imperial Star Destroyer.
As you can see, I updated the paths; the original paths annoyed me because the fighters would just appear randomly out of the hull. The new paths I whipped up actually come out of the main hanger bay.

So, that's that. :) I'll post again soon about the missions and a final release date.

Excellent! I'll have to give this a whirl when I can.
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