Darth Maul's Ships Re-release

I gave his mod an upgrade from FS1 to FS2. I also added the following:
  • Icon ani for X-wing, TIE Fighter.
  • Ship ani for X-wing, TIE Fighter.
  • Weapons: XK9 Laser Cannon, Ls-1 Laser Cannon, Krupx MG-7 Proton-Torpedo, Arakyd ST2 Concussion Missile, XX-9 Turbolaser (green/Imperial), Turbolaser (misc/red).
  • Sounds: X-wing laser sound, TIE fighter laser sound, proton-torpedo sound, turbolaser sound, TIE fighter engine sound.
  • Weapon icon anis.
  • Weapon anis.
  • 2 soundtracks featuring pieces from the original soundtracks.
  • New Star Destroyer reskin and tbl entry.
  • New background bitmaps.
And a few other details.

  • TIE Fighter speed increase.
  • TIE fighter turn speed increase.
  • X-wing speed increase.
  • Star Destroyer speed increase.
  • Laser speed increased. (does not apply to FS2 weapons, only SW weapons.)
  • Star Destroyer increased hitpoints.
  • X-wing increased hitpoints.
  • TIE fighter decreased hitpoints.
  • X-wing model was missing a subsystem (Sensors) so I fixed that.
  • I added 8 new turrets to the model of the ISD. There are four main turrets on either side of the bridge and Darth Maul didn't include them so I took the liberty of adding them in.
If anyone has the Y-wing POF and maps then can you e-mail them to me on my hotmail: centurygamer_2008 AT hotmail DOT com.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, I don't have Darth Maul's Y-Wing so please give me a copy. Thank you!
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I've been reading that forum for a while. Fate of the Galaxy is something I've been waiting for since I took out Disc 2 FS2 out of my cd drive back in 2000. I always wanted a Star Wars conversion, FotG is a dream come true! I use FSO, awesome improvement! :nod:

So, no one has Darth Maul's Y-wing?

So, no one has Darth Maul's Y-wing?
I think I do, I'll check when I has time.

Does anyone have Dark's PVD Cobra reskin BTW? It was made so that the Star Destroyer was turned into a Vasudan destroyer. It looked pretty cool.

Hunter, I am curious about how big is too big for you to host a file? I wanted to submit this Star Wars mod a long time ago but I keep adding more. And at the moment the mod size is nearly 250mb in size. This is largely because I included some Star Wars wav files for 2 in-game soundtracks. I did a count and the mod itself without the music is about 15-17mb. I really want this mod to have the wav files but I think it might be too big.


-TIE Fighter animation complete.
-X-Wing animation in-development.

Once I get the X-Wing ani done the mod will be complete. But I still need to fix balancing issues between the TIE Fighter and X-Wing but once that's done it should be ready for release.

There will be 5 additional ships included, 4 of them are reskins.

-Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer
-TIE Spectre
-Annihilator-Class Star Destroyer
-Imperial Class Star Destroyer (Alliance)

Sorry, didn't notice your question earlier. There is no size limit on Sectorgame. But the F2S upload script only accepts files up to a maximum size of 60mb or so. If you want to upload a huge file, I can give you FTP access.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Sorry, didn't notice your question earlier. There is no size limit on Sectorgame. But the F2S upload script only accepts files up to a maximum size of 60mb or so. If you want to upload a huge file, I can give you FTP access.
Thank you, that would be great! :nod:

Progress on the x-wing animation is slow but I'll get it done. Trying to visually sync each frame is a pain... The animations for the ships will unfortunately be in low res but as small as they are, they still look alright. :wink:

In terms of balancing between the X-Wing and TIE Fighter, I had some troubles. Firstly, I wanted the mod to stick closely to the movies. As seen in the movies, TIE Fighters can usually be destroyed by just one direct hit from a laser. In the mod, TIE Fighters are easily destroyed but that is covered by high maneuverability and speed. So in a one on one match between a TIE Fighter and X-Wing in the mod, each ship has a fair chance of destroying one another... but if your flying an X-Wing, carefully aiming for a single shot with all four laser cannons can destroy a TIE Fighter.

This mod was quite the overhaul as the original mod only included the models, no animations, no weapons, no sounds and no music. This mod will include new sounds for the weapons, new engine sounds for the ships, and a range of soundtrack cuts to form two new in-game soundtracks as well as briefing music. With this little Star Wars mod, your in for a treat. At least until Fate of the Galaxy is complete. ::D

Thanks for the tip! This particular mod is in no way related to FotG or Imperial Alliance. Nothing was taken or shared between the mods. This mod was created entirely by me with the exception of the sounds and models. Btw, I take no offense, I'm up against some tough competition here *nudges FotG and Imperial Alliance crew*. Lol But I'm not in this to compete with the other mods, I'm just trying to get a cool mod out that I hope people will enjoy. :)

If your wondering why this mod hasn't been released yet; it's because I've been working on ani files for the ships briefing animations. There's two anis, each is about 80 frames long, each frame I have to modify individually. I have the TIE Fighter ani done but the X-Wing ani has a while to go yet. I would work on it now (I'm only on frame 5) but I just got off work and I'm ready to pass out.

However, I wouldn't mind to know something... Who really cares if the ships have their own anis? There is a ship model selection option for the briefing window in the launcher but maybe not everyone uses it, I don't know how necessary ani files are for people. If I continue on the ani for the X-Wing, it will take longer for the mod to release. If I forget the ani, I could release it now. Should I continue the X-Wing ani or leave it?
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