Rundown of projects?

I was an old player of Descent and Freespace series, and came across a post on /. that reminded me of the mod communities for these games.

Forgive my laziness, but without scouring the forums in a time-consuming manner, I have no way of coming to understand which mods and campaigns are worth giving a try and which were good ideas never finished (as the vast majority of mods tend to be...). I'm interested in finished projects so to speak and not the rest.

Could anyone give me a brief idea of the best, completed mods for single-player? Obviously if there's a similar post I missed, just refer me there.


Blue Planet
Deus ex Machina
Just Another Day (1, 2, and 3)
The Procyon Insurgency (note: difficult)


You need FS2 Open to run those. And if you don't have it installed, I recommend using Turey's Installer.
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Sovieron, Blue Planet is a character-driven campaign. Most community members love it, but many others quite don't understand certain choices in terms of plot. If you like original gaming experiences, I strongly suggest it... but if you prefer pure military experiences, I suggest to focus on The Procyon Insurgency and wait a while before playing BP.

Also, speaking of Warzone, I'd like to inform everybody that version 2.3 will be ready very soon. I'm waiting for the FSCRP testers' feedback.

Warzone 2.3 (heavily edited by me, with SF-Junky being the only tester so far) is a concrete steap ahead compared to versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. I took full advantages of a multitude of SCP features and also fixed all the bugs I could find (the total number of changes is 320-350, and the change log I created is 57 kbs big). :)
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Re: Rundown of projects?

Don't forget Wings of Dawn. Also, Derelict is pretty good and I played it way back in 2000 (or maybe 2001). Now they have an SCP version with voice acting.

There are some older campaigns I liked a lot and I played many campaigns back in the Volition Watch days by downloading them from the archives, including Unholy Alliance (buggy and incomplete though) The Jake Wars (kind of a total conversion), The Second Great War: Part II (one of the first campaigns I ever played and there's lots of stuff that gets blown up). I found Flames of War and Storm Front to be enjoyable. Those two campaigns are the ones where I did grammar corrections for the authors and fixed some bugs in notepad through trial and error, comparisons of perfectly working missions without bugs with the missions with bugs and changing certain entries and syntax in the buggy missions to match the entries and/or syntax of the missions without bugs, and computer common sense; despite having no FREDing knowledge).
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