Well, the final briefing does suggest that possibly it opened up a gate to 'somewhere', but it's pure conjecture. Personally, I just think Shivans are really nasty bastards who wanted to blow up one of their enemies stars and kill lots of them :)
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Perhaps capella going supernova wasn't the shivans method of going home... it was a side-effect of them creating a massive subspace disturbance that ripped a hole from our universe into their universe. Perhaps the massive subspace disturbance they made would only collapse into a point dense enough to rip through space and time if it was near a gigantic source of gravity. Doing it by a black hole would be impractical, but a star's gravity is just right. The star going supernova is simply a side effect of the massive subspace disturbances.

Remember how many of the shivans left BEFORE the supernova happened... at the perfect time to leave through their hole in the universe, before the sun nuked them. Then again, staying wasn't such a bright idea either, so it doesn't really help, but its still a very good possibility
Erik McClure

The idea they create a kind of gate back into their universe/galaxie is nice, but the question would be why capella? why not an other star in theri territority? why dont use the jumpnode in gamma draconis? and why they doesnt blow up capella in the first great war?

The shivans where an ancient race, that destroyed THE ANCIENTS and surely many other races. They conquer Systems, but it seems, that they doesn't use them. Doesn't they really? Where are there Warships build, if they dont use the conquert star systems?
We see, that they habe transports and mining ships. They must have their own yards, their own factorys and so on.
I think, the shivans wantet to create a new nebula in capella, where they can take the gas like in the nebula behind gamma draconis. I am sure ít is so easy.

Indeed, you would have thought Ancients would have mentioned something like destroying stars and particuarly the Sathanas, yet the Ancients only refer to the Lucifer to our knowledge. The Sathanas seems to be a new development, almost an Anti-Colossus. Makes you wonder whether the Shivans are nothing more than a dark relflection of ourselves, the 'Demons within' given form.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic ;)
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You say it.

The Sathanas seems to be a new development. True is, we can not say, if the Sathanas or the "Nova-Technologie" is really new. And we can not say, if the Ancients really fighted no more powerfull Vessels than the Lucifer-Class-Destroyers. It is only our knowledge about the Ancients. And we (okay the GTVA) know not much about the Ancients.
My english isnt the best. I know. Dont be angry plz. I do my best. :)

Ok, Here's what happened:

You remember the strange weapon-like energy field that the Sathanas produced? That was a subspace tear. They could generate enough energy to tear up a large energy field from subspace. When all the Sathanas released the energy, it instantly began collapsing the stabalising field of the Sun. Strangely, some were left behind. Anyways, everything was wiped out in the supernova. This weapon is highly dangerous.

My theory behind the destruction was that since the node to Epsilon Pegasi had been collapsed to travel to that the link between Capella and Vega was to be collapsed, they would theoritcally be trapped. They decided to mash up as many Terrans as they could before they escaped to some hidden location.
That's my thought behind it and it may seem evident in the INFERNO mod.

You find this during a mission where you need to investigate an old debris field in Ross 128. You're advancing toward a savagely-wrecked EA installation when out of nowhere appears these scorpion fighters and you're panicking cause its appearance number 3 on ur gunsights. You also find an uncharted node so that's a possible area where they all fled too after the FS2 Campaign.

If you have played the INFERNO MOD, then you will find that they have managed to locate and use the subspace weapon in thier mod. You can find it in modificaitons. Several ships can use it. The SSJ Gigas, the SJ Sathanas and the SPD Kissimak (I think that's its name, its some spider thingy) are all equipped with it. If a warship is within sight of the cannon, it will fire and engulf its target quickly.

My advice is........DON"T JUST SIT THERE, YOU DUM DUM. GET OUT OF THERE! OOPS.....TOO lATE. lol there you are.

One thing for sure, those dam shivans ran off. Luckily, they were seen again in INF. That mod rocked.

What I'm really looking forward to though is twisted Infinites. From what I heard, its gonna be awesome. Would some of youse mind sending me info bout it?

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