Well, theres a joke that explains it well.....

The Lone Ranger and Tonto (or is it Toto, or is that a dog?) are trapped in a farmhouse, hundreds of Indians coming in from all sides.
The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says 'Well old buddy, looks like we;re done for this time.'
Tonto, raising his axe says, 'What's this 'we' s### paleface?'
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That wasn't flaming. Believe me, flames are something different coming from me.

Flip, that's usually, "What is this we, white man?"
"I like the funny sounds of parrots squawking,"
- Jimmy Buffet

oh yeah that was weatherOps ship wasnt it? did u release that.
EDIT: i just read the rest of that post; the cruisers r beast.
PS: WO never really was a noob tho - on ur first day u had more posts than most ppl

Naa, I never did release that ship, I threw away the model, But I am working on a better one, :wink: . Also working on a flyable cruiser. It will kick butt. :D
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Flip, that's usually, "What is this we, white man?"
To be honest, I heard that joke in about....1983, and I'm quoting it verbatim. I'm not certain whether it's PC or not in the US. :(
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