I'll look in to that. But, this is just the start and the logs, not gonna be the missions. At this stage in the campaign you will know a lot more than the Capt. does. A whole lot more. :wink: And Grim go for it. :D Now if i can push my self to make the models, I am pretty lazy, but at least get the campaign storyline set in stone first.And Maybe, one day i'll make me a website for the campaign. :)
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Log five, into the unknown :? :

Date: 2/13/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Beta Aqiulae System

This will be my last log before we jump into Delta Serpintis.Our crew are getting a chance to send messages to their loved ones, before we enbark on what maybe our last journey. This ship has survived since the Great War and My crew will do anything in our power to keep it like that.We don't know what we may face, And for the first time in 39 years I find myself truly ready for this, ready to leap into the unknown. As we get closer to the jump node i fill the crew getting worried, and I don't blame them.But, we are ready even if that means sacrificing our lives.This is what we are called to do, and we will do it with pride. I fill the subspace drive powering up, ready for me to give the word.We must be strong and brave. Being brave isn't being without fear, it is being strong enough to put that fear under you and do your duty. Helm engage subspace drive.

Capt. Jake Roberts "End Log"
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I'd suggest you play BR's "Shoulding The Light". The content isn't much like your campaign, but the way he used some of the new features to create game-played cutscenes, could allow you to turn these log entries into cutscenes themselves, kinda the way Bosch's monologues were cutscenes for FS2.
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Thanks, hopefully I will have the skill to make them into cutscenes and that about what I was thinking, but I don't know if I will put these logs in the campaign. Since there are no way for the player to read them at this time.
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Log six.

Classified Level Alpha
Those found reading this message unauthorized are subject to prosecution under the Beta Aqiulae Convention 25.0.1

Date: 2/13/2374
Command Message Log
Vega System

At 14:00 hours the GTD Vega jumped into Delta Serpintis. The Messages we got from them scared us to to the core.(GTD Vega)" This is Capt. Roberts we have arrived in Delta Serpintis. You wouldn't belive it command, there is nothing left! Debris filles the entire system with what used to be 9 NTF destroyers and 12 NTF cruisers or corvettes. They were just torn apart Command, We sent out fighters to scan the debris and the scan sujests weapons that are far more powerful than anything we have built, even more powerful than the Colossus. The only thing I can compare the damage to is from Shivan Flux beam cannons."(Command "That is not possible Vega, the Lucifer was the only Shivan ship to carry weapons of that magitude, not even the Sathanas carryed beams that strong." (GTD Vega) "This is what we are finding Command, What intrests me is that the subspace gate is still in one piece, but it is not active. It was a slaughter, What we can tell over 300,000 people lost their lives in a couple of seconds.Wait! incoming subspace singnature! Its huge Command! I have never saw anything like it! Its a.................." That was the last message we recived from the Vega. We have blockaded the jump node to Delta Serpintis. It seams like our worst fears have come true, we are currently readying the GTD Promise and the GVD Bariza. Looks like our time has run out.

Galactic Terran Vasudan Command
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Thanks, hopefully I will have the skill to make them into cutscenes and that about what I was thinking, but I don't know if I will put these logs in the campaign. Since there are no way for the player to read them at this time.
In STL, the cutscenes were done as training missions so that text can be displayed as those in the training simulations. The only downside is that the engine doesn't use combat music, though specific sexps can be used to trigger them if properly employed. Using these methods, you could display your log entries as the events they describe occur in the background. One of the main drawbacks to those in STL, was that at the time, FSO could not remove the player's HUD, but recent sexp additions have made this possible.

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Here is what will go at the starting of the campaign (WARNING EXTREMELY LONG POST)

7 Years Ago

A crackeled voice comes thru the communications hub. "This is GTVA Command we need to speak with the captain", "Roger that Command he is in his office" says Navigations Officer Rod Zachs "This is Rod captain, Command needs to speak with you right away" he says over the intercomm. "Roger, that" says Capt. Jake Roberts as he sits up fully in his chair" even tho he hadn't got any sleep since the terrible news of the Colossus going down, He still quickly stands up and heads to the bridge. He walks into the main deck and sits down in the captain's chair. "Command this is Roberts" he says in a tired voice." In twelve hours we are sending a destroyer filled with meson warheads to collapse the jump node leading to Capella. We want you to stay in the system Vega, and await orders. Is that clear Captain?" Roberts stands and says "Pefectly Clear" As Command signs off he can't help but wonder in his mind, that if we destroyed the Knossos insead of exploring it, we wouldn't have lost the Colossus and all of its crew. As he thinks, the GTCv Rapier sends in a message after jumping into Vega "This is the Rapier we have attained moderate damage please assist" Robert's look changes, he looks at his flight deck officer and says"launch the Knights". Down below in the flight deck, the message comes thru, Wing Leader Andy Robinson shouts over the intercomm "Pilots of the Knights report to the fight deck SAP!" In two minites the 122th Black Knights scream out of the hangar, "Ok, Rapier you're in good hands now" says Robinson, soon as he gets it out of his mouth, a wing of Basilisks and a wing of Nehemas jump in. "Engage all" Shouts Robinson as they push their Myrmidons to the limits. The shivan fighters had no chance as the elite pilots shot down one after another, until there are none left."Thanks Vega", in relief says the captain of the Rapier."What is a corvette doing out here alone?" Asks Roberts. "We are part of the Twenty-Third Terran battle fleet, comanding ship the GTD Pheros". Roberts sits back hard in his chair "What became of the Fleet?". The Rapier's captain's voice changes full sorrow "They were all destroyed by the SD Valgarion, while protecting convoys". Shock fills Robert's face as he trys to hold off the tears welling up in his eyes. "Whats wrong captain?" says Rod." My wife and daughter served on the Pheros" say Roberts as anger rose in his heart. He stands up hard and the whole crew hears the anger in his voice and says " Turn this ship around!" As the crew looks in astonishment. "But, captain" says Rod and Roberts cuts him off "I said turn this ship around!" "yes sir" says Rod. Robinson see's the Vega turning around and asks"Whats happening" Roberts says "All fighters return to the bay" Robinson anwsers "We can't leave the Rapier out here like this" as his tone deepens." I have called in the GVD Dorrus, it will be here in 3 minites. We must go before they can stop us" "Roger that" says the Knights as they go back into the Vega's bay. Right before the Vega engages it subspace drive they get one last message from the Rapier "Get Vengence".The Vega speeds up and the subspace portal opens and they are gone. Arriving in Capella in 3...2...1..The Vega thunders into Capella, "Long range sensors are showing the Valgarion three klicks out" says Mark Freeman the Weapons officer "estamated time till firing range 1 minite. "Power up all Beam cannons, gunners report to flak cannons" Roberts says over the intercomm. The Valgarion a Ravana class destroyer turns and faces the Vega, "The Valgarion is preparing to fire", "How long till were in weapons range!" shouts Roberts, '10 seconds sir". Two big white lights shine and get brighter and release a beam of super charged energy, they inpact the Vega's side blowing away part of the hull."How much damage have we recieved" shouts the capt., "Hull down to 79%", "Were in firing range sir, firing primary beams now" Freeman says. Three turrets fire away sending Beams of green light hiting the Valgarion, "How much damage hve we inflicted?" "The Valgarion's hull is at 54% sir. "Sir we have fighters and bombers closing in" says Freeman "Send out every fighter we have". Fighters blast out of the Vega's ship bay, Robinson talks over the commlink "All pilots the bombers are the prority, get them first". Back on the Vega the whole ship shakes after being hit with another round of beams, "Our hull is at 32% we won't stand another attack" the captain thinks and says"Raise the power on the beams to highest setting!" "But, sir we will lose power to the engines and we may cause our reactor to meltdown!" the captain looks eye to eye and says "We have no other choice, obey your orders" as they turn the power up on the beams the light flicker on and off the captain speaks one last order "Fire!". The cannons strain under the extreme power, the muzzle glow turns red and they release three huge lines of green. Insead of hitting the hull the Valgarion, they blow right thru it. The massive vessel allready leaking fire from the huge holes in it side, then a explosion ripples across its hull, and it explodes with a huge shockwave. A shout of hurrays fill the Vega, the captain on the other hand just sits down in his chair and says "Vengence is bittersweet" all of a sudden Robinson says over the communications hub "Their are eight transports coming toward us, Terran config." The lead transport sent a message saying "We owe you our lives, The Valgarion was standing in our way to get out of Capella, We made the decsion to make a run for it, even tho we knew we would not have much of a chance, Our cargo is over 200,000 civillains, we also picked up a escape pod from the Pheros" "This is Captain Roberts of the GTD Vega, it was our duty" the transport responds 'We have a girl on baord the came in the escape pod says her father is the Captain of the Vega" as the captain hears these words, for the first time in days shows a smile"It looks like to you whom I owe the thanks."
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dang... youre good :)

i want to see this...

BTW, i can do monolouge cutscenes in like 10 minutes. get me the voiceover and i can do a panning BG, and add little effects real quick. however, i cant at my level of skill properly do ships warping out.

Thanks, but i can say the same about you. And will the big ship you made that starts with a P be in the Campaign? And writing the story is all I am good at. I haven't tried making a mission in so long I don't know if I still can. Plus I'll have to download a new version of Fred before I get to making the campaign and then I have to make the models.
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the Parthenon :razz:

er, do you mean be in your campaign or be in my campaign?

yes, it is in my campaign, but im going to redo the model somewhat, or alot, i dont know yet :)
if you want it in youre campaign, thats fine by me.

Sorry, I was talking about your campaign, That command is gonna turn that guy in your posts into a shivan :badgrin: . It was mostly a joke. :D That last log is hopefully gonna be the trailer at the start of the Campaign.
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