OK. Here's the theory. Twisted Infinities was designed to be theoretically a community project - ie. Built by as much of the community as possible, contributing their skills to the overall product. However, as with most theories, attempting to put them into practice is painful, difficult and generally unsuccessful. So, in a bid to salvage some of the communiitism of TI, I'd like to hear from the community - What features would you like to see? Please, be specific. While TI has a solid storyline, we dont have a mission by mission outline, so there's definitely room for additions and modifications.
TI - Coming in 2011 - Promise!
"Everyone has to wear clothes, and if you don't, you get arrested!" - Mr. T

i'd like the Supreme Commander of GTVA forces to be High Admiral Michael Fuchida. ;)
"We should all make it out of this alive...if we don't die first."
Mike Fuchida

o_O That sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?

Black Wolf, I'd like to see a assault craft, fast intercept striker, but the size of a mini-cruiser. You got one of those yet? :)
The Expanse. Watch it!

Heh - as a matter of fact we do :D Look for the Harpy Gunship in Operation Ragnarok - 7 turrets, 88m from bow to strern and one very cool paint job :).

But that's precisely the kind of suggestions we're after. Keep 'em coming :).
TI - Coming in 2011 - Promise!
"Everyone has to wear clothes, and if you don't, you get arrested!" - Mr. T

The GTP Excalibur in OR, and the Excalibur Mk II (Hopefully - kinda looking doubtful ATM - Flipside's gone AWOL again) in TI proper. All round fighter ownage basically, designed to protect cargo depots and large in stallations more effectively than a series of weak sentry cannons. Both can also be used as small, front line ( or simply cheap or temporary) installations, though the Mk1 has only minimal life support , and no dedicated on board living quaters. The Mk II has these advantages however, geared, as it was, much more towards the Small installatioon role than its predeccessor.
TI - Coming in 2011 - Promise!
"Everyone has to wear clothes, and if you don't, you get arrested!" - Mr. T

Welll.. If I told you what I reeaaallly want, I'd have to kill you. :) I can devulge some stuff tho.

Super storyline, maybe making Alpha 1 an actual character, although you might not have it 'set up' for that.

Tactics would be nice. Not just 'hey look! Shivans! Lets jump em'!"

Good reason if and when you see the shivans again.

Actual characters for wingmen.

that's actually all I can think of for the moment, unless you guys are using the SCP

The storyline will hopefully be super, with mysteries and solutions, unanswered questions and suchlike. However, I personally despise the idea of a character based player (Note, player, not Alpha 1 (you'll move around a fair bit :) ), and I vaguely recall a discussiuon not all that long ago in which I convinced the others of that. That may or may not have happened however. It's currently not set up for that though, so, erm... Blah? That said, we do have a few NPCs in OR, and we'll have recurringships all through TI, so the captains of the more common capships will have a definite character flavour to them - not sure if you'll get to know your squadmates too well though - keeping them alive can be a big challenge to mission balance.

Tactics also are definitely something we're trying to insert, and so far it seems to be working to a point, though from my own personal missions I think they're a bit more storyline intyensive than tacics intensive. It's something to work on.

And finally, we have, I think, one of the very best reasons for a Shivan return I've ever heard tell of. I can't divulge muych more than you can, but I can tell you that when we finally get to it, you'll love it :)
TI - Coming in 2011 - Promise!
"Everyone has to wear clothes, and if you don't, you get arrested!" - Mr. T
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