Stratt: I didn't even think to check there. Thanks. It appears I may have to reconvert again, so I'll most likely have to copy each entry by hand again, but thanks for the offer.

Kazan should be trouted for not putting that in PCS.

Ok. Fixed the turret depth, fixed the smoothing and fixed the moment of inertia. Everone redownload. ;)

As for the texture thing, I don't think I'll be changing it. unless I can get a texture that is indistinguishable from itself when rotated 90 degrees. ;) Because I don't want to even begin to touch the mapping on it again. Trust me... ;)
(Or think I'm lazy, which is probably more true)

Actually, if you just DLed it, which I doubt anyone besides Lightspeed has)
I did, and i´m sure a few others have aswell, so don´t sweat it.
The creature of the black lagoon...

Modelwise, it's awesome Raa - you don't get the precise idea of the detail until you get to play with the pof. But it seems to be using quite a few texs - that was one of the reasons the Fenris was so slow ingame.

Otherwise, I'm very impressed. Thumbs up!
TI - Coming in 2011 - Promise!
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Omg.... I love this...!! :eeeek: how did you get it to look like that on those screenies btw..?? is that because of the lighting or did I miss some new textures..... :?

ok.. now something weird,,, I can fire and fly right through some parts of the model, like the tip of the upper-rear fin... and..about everywhere else.....

Don't know or that'something with fso, but I think not.... since this is the only model I'm having trouble with, and since it's happening with all of the builds I tested it with so far...:

vanilla 3.6

Guess it's SOmething I'm doing wrong, but I don't know what...
does anyone know what's causing this..??

(oh, and I have the high poly fenris installed., if that makes any difference..)

Okay I gave this a try and it does look beautiful but in some places the turrets are quite clearly not attached to the hull.

From certain angles you can actually see the background between the turret and the ship. (The two front turrets are the best ones for seeing that). Here's a pic I took to show what I mean.
Frankly I'm surprised no one else spotted this. I noticed it after 10 seconds in modelview.

Oof. Must have happened when I was fixing some stuffs... Not a big deal. I can move them.

Thank for the catch. I'll fix it right now.

Textures... well... the model itself uses alot of textures to begin with... I only added 2 more to the actual main LOD subobject. The turrets have two, but one to each subobject, so they are efficient enough. :)

Got a few screens to show what I mean, and to point out something that might be related....

This is a screenshot of the left fin... I'm targetting the beam turret on the other side of it.

Well, I think this one's pretty clear...

As you can see, it looks like the whole model has been turned inside-out or something.. :?

<edit> sorry, screens down </edit>
Last edited by EvoPhyrexy on Sun Nov 14, 2004 8:57 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Yeah... I've had that, where the objects are like that... I think that may be a bug in the max->pof converter. I'll have Styxx look into it for me.

Thanks for pointing it out, I wasn't sure if it was just me or not.
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