Freespace Files Inquiries


For information or support with Freespace Files (the software that has replace the site Freespace 2 Sector) please ask them in this thread only.


1. Public and private groups for modders.
2. Encrypted links for protection.
3. Image and audio plugins for on-the-fly browsing.
4. Share function to send links or e-mails
5. Mass-downloading options (should work now, with limits of 100MB per batch)
6. Mobile support.
7. Resume support for large files (untested)


1. To upload files, simply login with this username/password combination: freespace/files
2. You can upload files to any folder, or create new folders - But you can't delete anything.
3. You don't need to login to download files. You can download from anywhere.
4. Usage is unlimited. There are no restrictions, but only Freespace related content is allowed.
5. Please use search friendly file names and folders. For example 'My Campaign.rar' rather than 'camsd3r.rar'
6. Be nice! The site is a work in progress.
7. Private users can create or delete data as needed. Click 'My Repository' and create an account.

Known Reported Issues

1. Group downloading doesn't work with large files.
2. Some downloads from Freespace 2 Sector may be corrupted.
3. Files over 1GB may not complete. Please report if so.

Private Groups

It is no longer necessary to contact me about creating an account on FreeSpace Files. Simply follow the 'My Repository' link in the main menu, and create an account. You can manipulate files however you like within your private space - Although they must be FreeSpace related. Note: Microsoft servers are not supported for e-mail verification, so please use a different address.


1. To upload files, first you need to login using the provided username/password.

2. Then you should navigate to what you think is the appropriate folder for uploading your files.

3. You can upload up to 20 files at one time by clicking the icon or dragging to upload box.

4. While uploading a progress bar will be displayed. Large files may take sometime.

5. To play audio files (mp3 or wav supported) simply left click and they will stream. The audio plugin will play all audio files inside a directory. To download audio files Right click -> Save as.

6. Images can be viewed by left clicking. Arrows will allow you to navigate all images in that directory. To download image files Right click -> Save as.

7. To share download links, select the files you wish to share and generate a public link (you can group files together this way)

8. To download multiple files select them (or the entire folder) and click group actions -> download. Note: This will only work on small files
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Re: Freespace Files Inquiries

We've moved servers a few times, that usually causes some downtime. I last switched servers in June 2015; I think we were offline for a few days. Before that.. possibly a few days in 2012? Can't remember much beyond that. There is sometimes a software/hardware failure that causes an outage. Overall though, we've been steady for about a decade now.
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Re: Freespace Files Inquiries

Hello! Well, I've been doing some tinkering here and there and I've decided to implement private accounts for FreeSpace Files - again. This time though, you don't need to obtain user details from me, you can do it automatically by registering on the site. Here is how to do it:

First go to the homepage, then in the drop down menu select 'My Repository'
Register an account - Enter your Username, Password & E-mail. Once you've verified it, you'll be presented with the upload and create options:
Drag and drop files, or press the button to select up to 20 files at a time, which will then automatically be uploaded:
Once everything is uploaded, you can do whatever you like including rename, move, delete and share files. Select one or multiple files to generate a share link:
Copy and paste the share link, then post it wherever you like. Those files will then be downloadable by the public:'
All files are private unless you decide to share them.
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