People start deleting their Facebook accounts..

Due to a recent leak regarding the use of user's private information it seems a new movement of 'delete your facebook account' is sweeping social media.
It's currently trending on the popular networks (hah) which naturally all probably do exactly the same thing with their data.
Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if both Google and Microsoft do exactly the same thing with the mounds of data they're collecting.
I've actually started writing Google OUT of everything I code, including old sites which used Google API, AUTH or related services.

I've been telling people since the dawn of social media it was a bad idea to trust these companies... No one ever listens. :?
I am sure it's just a fad that will pass, because swiping onto the next kitty cat riding a vacuum cleaner or 'big scandal CLICK HERE...' addiction will kick right back in.

The only thing people learn from history is that THEY LEARN NOTHING FROM HISTORY.

Sectorgame ofcourse has been around since before any of these big companies came onto the scene... So here's hoping we'll be around after they've turned to dust? :firestarter:

Here's to an open, free and private internet.
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Re: People start deleting their Facebook accounts..

I have a Facebook account. I can't remember last time I actually did anything with it. The funniest thing is that one of the main reasons I don't use Facebook is that I find it far too confusing to use, I have no idea who can see what. I have no idea how anyone understands the interface when someone like me who has spent years programming can't.
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Re: People start deleting their Facebook accounts..

Should probably delete mine - never really used it much. The last social medium I was on frequently was friendster. I always found chat more productive then a wall of content to paddle through.

There was a time I used google analytics. Then they upgraded the code and thats when I deleted it! I've found analytics useful if they have meaning or can be monetized in some way otherwise clients don't care and neither do I. Content is king! UX and UI is just as important, everything else matters less :nod:

Re: People start deleting their Facebook accounts..

I didn't watch too much past the BSOD but why Zucks represented facebook during that hearing is just ridiculous. He might run the company in some fashion and have ownership to a degree but I'd always take a legal/QnA team with. I'm not a big fan of corporates cause they operate above, below and to the side of the law. When it comes to consumer rights we just don't have any and it's all one BIG joke! That aside there are ways to do things, and facebook just continues to do sh1t wrong.
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