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People like Kazan in his bad days were easy to deal with though, they were just behaving like idiots, which is easy to spot and deal with. To be honest, there are members there now that are every bit as bad, but because they know they cannot behave like that without being spotted immediately, they 'play the system' and use far more insidious behaviour to attack other people. There are people there for whom practically every comment to someone they disagree with is straddling the personal insult line, close enough to be an obvious personal attack, but worded in such a way as to make it very difficult to Moderate, as we both know.

I'm not going to name names, that's not the point of the discussion, in fact HLP isn't even the point of this discussion, but it is a prime example from my experience of why I've lost interest in the larger Forums. It used to be 80% of people having a serious discussion and 20% idiots screaming, trolling or flamebaiting. Nowadays, the screaming idiots have gone, but the vindictive, spiteful comments, the attempts to insult and belittle people that they disagree with is, if anything, worse. I could ignore people like An0n, Stryke9 or Zylonbane when they were in a trolling mood most of the time because it was obvious what they were doing, they weren't pretending to 'contribute' with their comments, they were trolling and were proud of it, and frankly, they were far less, for want of a better word, manipulative than the current batch of trolls.

YouTube comments were always the sort of things you ignored most of the time I agree, but then the problem with YouTube now is that people prefer to do things like Flag videos that disagree with their viewpoint, especially if those videos use clips from other videos that they do agree with. In a way, it's exactly the same behaviour, just in a different format.

There's not much that can be done about it, it really is the nature of the Internet, but it just isn't for me any more, it all just comes across as childishness and an attitude of 'I'm obviously right, ergo you are a moron'. And I'm not trying to stand above them and pass judgement, I sometimes used to fall into that trap myself some time ago, but I didn't try to weaponize it, and I honestly feel like I've outgrown it now. Besides, the large majority that do actually contribute to HLP are working on Mods, and I haven't even installed Freespace for about 2 years now, so the one part of HLP that actually contains people who really contribute to the community is a part I rarely visit. It's not as if I'm contributing all that much myself, I just used to like talking to the more moderate, intelligent members; but that was becoming increasingly difficult because of the continual drive-by insults that are prevalent in there.
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it's grown far too confrontational and accusatory for my tastes, some people might enjoy that kind of debate
That's not just HLP, that's the Internet as a whole in the 21st century. Everyone is frothing at the mouth just waiting for the next topic to fight about. Having a simple discussion these days is like walking on tiptoes through a minefield. It's even worse on platforms such as Twitter. Nothing sums it up like: "It were great when I were a lad" :)
Yeap. It's great to watch your country go down in flames because people can't have a reasonable conversation. I think the core is this:"If you disagree with me, you're insulting me." Well... no.

I've always enjoyed SG as a fun little hole-in-the-wall. Should our site pick up in popularity, we need to be very careful with how we maintain the environment.
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