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Watched the first part. Speech is a little soft. Was much of the descent series in enclosed spaces? Cause the physics for flying and dogfights seem overly difficult for space. I remember playing Babylon 5: I've Found Her, the physics in that game seem similar.

For space sims it's hard to go back after FreeSpace and especially the upgrades too.

I'll watch more when I can :nod:

Re: Silent Fury Videos

6DOF physics are hard for newcomers, but it's manageable for the average pilot. Silent Fury has only moderate difficulty in most parts.
The training mission is actually a huge nod and a wink to I've Found Her ;)

Sure it doesn't compare to FSOPEN graphics, but D3's engine was made in 1998. It's still quite capable of many complex functions.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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