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This is a repost from PlanetDescent (for those that don't post there)

Back in 2007, shortly after the release of the 'Basewars' multiplayer set, I had wanted to take all of the content produced for Basewars and put it into an interactive single player mission. The plan was to create a small story, and set it in the backdrop of the Hyperspace universe, established in the Hyperspace & Basewars levels. It wasn't until 2009 that I actually started to work on this project (after many rewrites) and although it was a difficut challenge due to the limitations of Descent 3's engine, I was able to come up with some pleasing results. My plans changed a little bit, and what was meant to be one long mission ended up being a 7-mission set known as 'Silent Fury'.

But I stopped working on it for various reasons, and again it went into the achive. I poked around with it again in 2010, and again last year, but never really made much progress and never seemed to have the will to finish it. 4 missions had been semi-completed, with the remaining 3 templates in place. But I guess I just wasn't pleased with the end results. Although Descent 3's limitations can be overlooked, I was actually displeased with the missions themselves and the stories I'd written for them. I felt like I was 'showing all the goods too soon' when I should've been gradually easing the player into the story. So, I just ended up giving up on the project because I felt that there A. There wasn't enough interest in it anyway, B. D3's limitations were always causing crashes and C. There was too much downtime between actually building stuff, most of the time was spent just fixing things.

So, seeing as I never finished Silent Fury and probably will never release it in it's current state, I've decided to upload a little preview clip from one of the missions. The clip is ofcourse from the Alpha version of a mission, and it has no voice or music added to it. You can find the 3 minute clip here:

Hyperspace: Silent Fury Tech Demo

It does seem a shame to let all the work go to waste, but I am reluctant to release any of the material produced for the level set. And to be true there wasn't that much produced anyway - it was only ever meant to be a single player version of Basewars with a twist. It had about 20-30 new models, some new weapons, new textures and ofcourse a plethora of scripting including team mates you could call for help, a medical repair ship, interactive storyline, etc. I might post some more clips of the other missions soon, seeing as I won't be releasing them. As for the future of the Hyperspace series? Well I am holding back all the content because I want to reuse it at some point down the road, perhaps in a completely rewritten set of mini-missions - And I still have another single player mission I never got around to finishing, which I'll also be posting a preview of.
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