Spew or no spew?

Spew & visible loot.
Total votes: 1 (20%)
No spew at all. (No votes)
Invisible spew (wreck)
Total votes: 4 (80%)
Total votes: 5

Spew or no spew?

I have resumed working on Silent Fury after a five month hiatus, and expect to be seeing it released around Christmas time. Anyway, those of you who read PD probably already know that. So, while inserting stuff into the table, I was thinking about how to balance between realism and arcade..ism. If enemy fighters / ships drop spew, then it's more like the arcade roots that Descent has. Or, I could have it so NO enemies drop spew for a little bit of realism. Alternatively, I was thinking about adding in a wreck system so that there are basically 'chunks' of metal floating about where the ship was - and while you cannot see the loot, simply flying over the metal would give you the spew. So - which one shall I go for?
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The second idea is really neat. I think it would be a bit more accurate, or at least remove the shield orbs. I could never figure out how a ship that uses shields, can be dropped to zero shields, destroyed, but drop a shield orb....
Heck, my ship sometimes shakes like a Hawaiian dashboard dancer in an old bug on gravel at 100mph...
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Well, I might do away with shield/energy orbs in this campaign and add a NPC that fills the support ship role for repairing shield / refueling energy.
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Some interesting ideas. I voted for invisible. I like the idea of the NPC refueling, though. I'm thinking there could be some added play by making the supply ship vulnerable, so if it got attacked you want to defend it o protect your source of fuel.
how a ship that uses shields, can be dropped to zero shields, destroyed, but drop a shield orb....
Well if your car ran out of gas, there might still be a gallon or two left in the tank that can't be picked up. Perhaps the shields are the same idea... hey, it's a game, right? :wink:

But if there's no shield and energy orbs, how do you get rewarded for winning? After a few kills, shield orbs become far more valuable than a new primary that never runs out.

I'm thinking to keep shield & energy available only from the supply ship. Weapon drops are ofcourse still going to occur, otherwise you'd never be able to get any new weapons in the campaign. And seeing as there will be multiplayer support I will need multiple weapon drops per mission. The question is how those weapons will appear to the player. Either they'll be rotating powerups or they will be frozen wrecks.
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You need to understand the context of the missions. You won't be under fire from every NPC in the level - and you'll have help fom a whole wing and/or support fleet to destroy targets. Since D3 AI is kinda 'robot oriented' naturally there will be some odd behaviour, but at least it won't be everything shooting at you like in an Assault level or Basewars. And aren't you reading my messages? You'll get remote repair from a support ship that will be nearby.
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What's the overall context (plot and or style) of the game/mod/mission-pack-thing? Because if your goal is to destroy a rogue AI bent on bringing fluffy kindness to all of man, I'd say go with visible drops. Otherwise....
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As I understand it, it's like Basewars, only a bit more single-player oriented.
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Well, think FreeSpace like missions with some focus on team work as opposed to putting it all on Alpha 1.
But didnt you ever use the "Hey, Kill this thing!" command? :)
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