Reboot didn't work. I'm running it off of a fresh install, so I doubt that there would be a data conflict.

I'll try re-installing.
"Ignorance is the greatest weapon of tyranny, and old wounds open all too easily."

Seems you may be among the few who cannot run Basewars online due to driver conflicts - but I have seen that error and overcome it, so maybe you can.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re-installed, running in default graphics under OpenGL. Seems to be working.

Oh, I can't find the chat key. x.x
"Ignorance is the greatest weapon of tyranny, and old wounds open all too easily."

Good turn out, we had some newcomers to Basewars. I was playing until 4am, geez! :P Todays game will probably start 1 hour earlier!
The Expanse. Watch it!

About 8 showed up on Saturday and Sunday was a staggered lot of about 4-6. Saturday was definitely the bigger and longer game.
The Expanse. Watch it!

No I cannot host now that I am back in Korea, as it would be too high a ping. Requirements? Hm, not sure. Typically you need about 128kbps upstream per player (so 512 would be 4) and some 2ghz of processing power. A PPS setting of at least 12 and FPS cap of 999. Also you need to allow all objects and it is recommend to place all custom OOFs in your D3 directory while hosting. No time or goal limits should be set. For co-op support, simple modify the .msn or download the one in the forum.
The Expanse. Watch it!

128kps per player? Damn. Basewars uses a LOT of bandwidth. I meet every requirement except the bandwidth.

EDIT: GO figure, Charter decided to about triple my internet speed. I just tested and got 1mps upload :D So if foil can't host I can give it a shot.
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