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Dwn, Foil has already set up the server - although there seems to be some issues, as it doesn't work properly. Do you have a seperate box?
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I always use a mouse. That's what i'm best with, keys and mouse. It's been a while since i played Basewars though, so i might not be spot on. :P
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Is the correct download link from the SG web site?
Heck, my ship sometimes shakes like a Hawaiian dashboard dancer in an old bug on gravel at 100mph...
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I'm getting that old error message, again.

Attempting to fix.


Problem appears to be localized to Basewars servers. Other than installing it, is there anything else I have to do?
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Has it ever worked for you online? Seems not, but I am familiar with that bug. You could try rebooting the machine. It may be that your machine never has been able to run it online.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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