Basewars Looting Guide (Request)

Although by now most people will have found everything in Basewars, there are still newcomers to the level that need help finding stuff. Somehow, the level is still downloaded often, and by request I am writing what I can remember with regards to looting. Firstly as you know, there are ten weapons already available to the player. These spawn in the Command Tower, with the longest respawn lasting at about 3 minutes (Doom Vulture & C6H Artillery). There are also three sentry platforms located in the Silo (Small/Heavy Blaster and Cruise Platform). There are ten more weapons available in Basewars, most of which are variations of what you already have.

The first is the 25mm ION, which is a slightly better version of the EMP Blaster (starting laser). It can be found by destroying MOL Merlins (the ones that fire both rockets and slow green lasers). Drop chance is about 50%.

The second easiest to find weapon is the Maltu Railgun, which is a slower yet more powerful version of the blue Railgun. To find these, you must destroy the Hawk's - They fire long range green lasers at you and are a b**ch to kill. Drop chance is about 50%.

To find the 50mm ION, which is a nice long range version of the Plasma Blaster (Supers) you must take down MOL Hunter cruisers (the flat looking cruisers). Drop chance is 100%.

If you want a Plasma Railgun, your going to need to wait for a MOL Conquistador to spawn. The first one to spawn is located in Avereus next to the abandoned Gemini outpost. Note that, these are guarded by two Hawk fighters. Drop chance is 100%.

The Prototype Railgun is the most powerful gun available - It takes a lot of shield, and uses a lot of energy. It's very effective against NPCs. There are two ways to get one - In the asteroid base, one of the guarding drones uses this weapon on you. If you get him, you'll get his gun. This also unlocks the door to the boss room. The second way to get one is by completing three missions for the Alliance - In the Rintadi system is a ring-like station, above it is keycards you can pickup. Completing these missions gets you an assortment of weaponry including the Prototype Railgun, Orion missiles, Sphinx Warheads and Berserker Missiles. They are all kill missions, so it's no easy job.

You can also get Berseker missiles from Gemini escorts which spawn near the gate in Rintadi. The larger ship, the Barrager battleship, will also drop similar gear. Drop chance is good.

To get the Mercenary set (Rekhmir Cluster and Palermo Invader) you must travel to the Mercenary outpost in Merena. These guys are tough, but can be killed with good tactics. You must kill ALL of them, but the loot is well worth it.

Special NPCs:

* Barrager's in Rintadi will spawn twice.
* The Hellbore will spawn after both Barragers are gone.
* Conquistador's spawn in Avereus and Jutra.
* Destroyers spawn in Merena
* Hunter's spawn in Dacousa, Jutra and Avereus
* Inferno's spawn in Dacousa, Jutra and Merena

Did I leave anything out? :P
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