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Re: Multiple crimes

You're getting your chance to prove that your way is correct, what you do with it is your choice. The clock is ticking......
No I'm not, because the things I'd like to see happen aren't happening any more than what you'd like to see happen.

Re: Multiple crimes

Kosh has proven in the past that he has little to no grasp of cultures beyond his own, so don't expect this discussion to go anywhere that doesn't involve cartoon caricatures. It's actually really frustrating for someone (like me) with a strong feminist/interventionist streak. I want to figure out h...

Re: This Week in Korea

So because a few sluts wear their skirts too short, kids can't stretch their legs at all? Cool! Idk, maybe I've just been in America for too long but those skirts in the picture don't seem all that outrageously short. Sluts? slut    [sluht] –noun 1. a woman who dresses provocatively yet will not sl...

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