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Re: Boo!

While that might be true of the early internet, I think by the time HLP started it was already no longer the case any more. To be honest I think HLP is a calmer place now than it was in the olden days when I joined. You couldn't have someone like Kazan running around calling everyone a christofacist...

Re: Boo!

I think the reason is that there's not really anything to talk about. Generally I tend to post anything I am interested in discussing on HLP.

Kotaku Blackballed

I figured since this site is quiet far too often, this would be a nice place to discuss this issue. Basically the gaming site Kotaku have found that since publishing scoops on Fallout 4 and A...

Re: Boo!

My sister's dog won't eat any food he finds on the ground without asking for permission. I've not had any luck training my own dog to do that though.

Re: Boo!

That sucks indeed. Any idea how it happened? I worry similarly about the issue here. Although in China it's less because they're evil arseholes and more cause they're evil arseholes who want to sell dog meat (I'm not even joking about that, there have been several cases of dog snatchers getting caug...

Re: Boo!

Make sure you link to any stuff you do Flipside. I'm a huge fan of the stuff you did for Diaspora (While I like the stuff all the composers did, on a personal level I think I liked stuff from you and Max best) and I still have some of your throwaway stuff on my FREDding playlist.

Re: It's alive!

Nor is it an excuse for bullying people.

Unfortunately the reasonable people are the ones no one listens to. We always hear from the idiots on both sides.

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