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In Mission Specs, enable "beam-free all ships".

But, before you start asking more, take a look through the help files. Especially the Extended Walkthrough is invaluably helpful - it will have you make a full-on mission while going through all the editors.

It should have the same size as the others (look around in the VPs to find them) and be DDS, TGA, JPG (I think) or 256-colour PCX. Save into \data\players\squads and it should work. IIRC :)

All this zod-killing has made me wonder if Earth Defense is about a second terran-vasudan war. EDIT: after reading the description, it seems so. This project sounds less and less interesting the more I know about it... Oh come on. You don't know a thing about it yet :P Rest assured, the story is a ...

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