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Re: Join the Fight

It means that they can arrest you, for USA, if you visit those countries.

Also, protests never work. Merely being with a band of morons, shouting really loud while waving posters like crazy, won't change ANYTHING. They'll just wait it out.

Re: Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone! I know I may be an evil b#stard, but even I can wish a good Christmas for mortals. All of the same to everyone reading this! Enjoy the final year till the end of the world :occasion1: Again with this end of the world? Nothing's going to happen! It's just a government cons...

Re: London riots

I thought there were 5 because I talked to a British online a few years ago and I think he listed 5. I Remember England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and maybe Finland. I guress the first 4 are the only ones. Yes, Japan did try to spread. That reminds me that The Mongolian Empire did and China too, an...

Re: London riots

I like the 'wall of text' that contains proper facts and explanation. A note on the Englannd = UK - I think many people, even Europeans, often mistake UK as England and England is just another name for UK. For example, the translation of UK in Chinese (as seen at the Beijing Olympics) literally mea...

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