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Re: Hey WoR

Perhaps. Can you play in EU timezone? Most of our ops are there.
Depends how late in the EU timezone.

Re: Hey WoR

Hunter still plays EVE? And still has a corp? How might I join said corp, and what do they do?

Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Just like just about every eve player then.
That's not the sort of thing EVE usually teaches.
Sure it does. Fly and lose stupid ships in stupid ways. Look back at your killboard 2 years later, smash face into keyboard.

Re: Time for a change?

There are others here that help you out. I for one would like to throw my hat in as a moderator if you do actually go through with this.

Can we assume all of the current content would still be here in some form or another? At least, the small portion of it that isn't random crap :P

Re: Time for a change?

Maybe something geared towards discovering and discussing little known games that are good or entertaining in some way? Kind of like an indie game site I guess. There are already enough "general gaming" or "mainstream gaming (AKA: DISCUSS COD HERE LOL!)" sites. Maybe a focus on good f2p games as well.

Re: Random Link Thread

If it's pointless then go away. There was no reason to start an argument about the definition of politeness. My link: And no, it's not in the eye of the beholder. The purpose and desired content of the thread was clearly laid out. You blatantly derailed it ...

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