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CCP to be acquired by Pearl Abyss So.. end of the road maybe for EVE? I don't know much about Pearl Abyss, but I do know a bit about Korean MMOs - They are saturated to f### with pay-to-win promotions, glitz, glamour, boobs...

Re: Summer TV

Iron FIst was particularly bad to be honest. You picked a rotten apple for that one! Daredevil I can recommend. The others all range from mediocre to just above average. I don't watch that much stuff really, but I usually set aside an hour or two in the evenings. So it will usually take me a couple ...

Re: Summer TV

Such as?

Btw am I the only one with Superhero fatigue? It's like every other show is about some Marvel, CW or DC superhero these days.

And I actually liked Daredevil, but even that doesn't appeal to me anymore..

Re: Stargate Origins

No, it was sort of implied in the episode that was not their only base - it was something they had discovered in search of the Atero-device. Dr Jackson also seemed to believe more of them were out there by the end of the ep. Also I think at least one of the ships escaped.

Summer TV

So, is anyone else watching 'Salvation'? I was pleasantly surprised by this series. It gets absolutely railed by critics, but it's actually quite enjoyable.. in a kind of popcorn-entertainment kinda way. I'm also waiting for 'The Last Ship' to resume, another summer popcorn series. Gee, those critic...

Re: Stargate Origins

Just got done with Atlantis. I have to say I really like Vegas the more I watch it. I didn't care for it during the initial run, but it's definitely aged well. Joe Flannigan really rocks that ep. :nod:

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