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I think it time to get some discussion started here ! I know the author is on holiday, but should be back tomorrow so then we can start this forum off. ;)

Hmmm or Starfleet Command III, both engines are good, but Armada ofcourse is more ships.. ;)

Still I think it would take a lot of work and I dont expect anyone will ever find time for it.. same with Freespace FPS

Ughhhh! Can we get a pic of that poster? rofl. Girls that make YOU vomit might um.. hmm :poke: I had a gay friend, I say had because I haven't seen him for a long time - Not since high-school. Anyhow, he was NOTHING like that. There is such things as "real gay people" who are just normal and you wou...

Some kind of strategy game, but with what engine and how ??

Sounds nice, but nothing I haven't seen previously ;)

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