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Well Farscape has done that, but it has an equal share of humanoids too - However, there is an "ancients" thingy that all the races that look like humans are infact related somehow (but this was never explained, all we saw was an Egyptian symbol on a pyramid shaped-object with other alien symbols)

You're supposed to post, so it can GET busy. That goes for the 20 or so other people who havent posted yet ;)

I really like the idea of the Gou'uld from Stargate SG-1, they're nothing but worms (as Jack calls them), but the creature posse's intelligence beyond anything of our own - And not to mention that the host bodies are turned into ruthless control-freaks. I love the Gou'Uld because of their ruthless, ...

Never got your CDs Mark ! Hm, seems D3 doesnt run, sound card is freezing the PC. Ok, that sucks. :headbang:

The e-mail works, mail it, if you want. ;)
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