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Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I finished Killjoys season 5. It was an OK season but an underwhelming ending. The main villain (The Lady) played by discount Greta Thunberg was annoying, but they didn't turn her into a cartoon villain at least and actually did something with the character - actually one my favorite tropes was used...

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

You should give it another go. It's light hearted enough to stomach quite easily in the first season, and once the heavier stuff starts coming you should be settled enough into the groove to keep watching. You're missing out by not watching it. It's like ditching B5 after Season 1. You'll never know...

Incoming Forces - Longplay

Incoming Forces (2002) is a sequel to the 1998 action-arcade game 'Incoming' from Rage Games. Although it could be said this game is not a direct sequel, it does make references to the first game in the small amounts of ingame dialogue. In this game instead of fighting off an alien invasion, you you...

Re: How to get rid of this line?

1. Yes. Well, I don't play many games, so it'd be hard to say. OpenGL seems to be the connection. 2. No idea. I just installed FSOPEN in prep for the longplay. I can't say I noticed this in the past. 3. That's not how drivers work on Linux 4. Possibly, I've heard tales. But I think it was mostly ima...

How to get rid of this line?

I've noticed this before in some games, but I can never figure out how to get rid of it. There is a tiny line at the bottom of the screen, it usually appears in full screen mode. I've zoomed out to make it visible in this picture:
Any ideas?

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