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Re: So, I bought a new copy of FS2...

I seem to keep coming back to FS2. I'm definitely getting that urge again.. I've even installed vanilla FS1, because I wanted to get that 'classic' feel again.. And I gotta say, after having listened to the Redux FS1 score a hundred times, I'm actually more partial to the original versions with a fe...

Re: Summer TV

Another cheesy enjoyment of mine is 'The Last Kingdom', it's similar to Vikings but a lot faster paced.

Also if you enjoyed stuff like 'The Office' I can recommend 'Norsemen', a Norwegian black-comedy recorded in both English and Norwegian.

Re: Summer TV

I'd recommend giving it another go. It just wrapped and it's only 5 short seasons (50 eps total I think).
The first season is VERY Crusade.. It's not quite as tight in the later seasons, but it's a guilty pleasure..

Re: Summer TV

The Last Ship has been improving. The storyline is still ridiculous, but it's kinda fun. The show always reminded me of Crusade on the high seas in the first season. And the whole government conspiracy stuff seemed to be exactly what JMS was going for in the second season of Crusade. The Walking Dea...

Hello! I'm a member of an international hacker group.

Has anyone got one of these? This is like the 3rd one I've received this week. Each time the password was incorrect, but I'm guessing it was pulled from somewhere because they ARE passwords I've used in the past.. Hello! I'm a member of an international hacker group. As you could probably have guess...

Found these from 1999

While going through some old data, I found these crappy website graphics I created for Freespace 2 Sector, circa 1999-2000

The effects were all done with the brush tool in Paint Shop, an old graphic package.

These are REALLY old...

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