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How else would you explain his want to keep the source code? He must like D3 enough to keep it for this long, so I guess that qualifies him as a D3er. :)

(sheesh, go away for a day and this happens...) To Topgun: It's too soon to tell how the levels will feel, but that will be a goal for some of the levels, if not all. Also, to truely make a D4 game in it's own engine and all that would be copyright infringment of some sort, regardless of what we pla...

why don't you use the d2x-xl engine? it is open source.
Believe me, at first that was exactly what i planned to do, but when it became a group project, it was decided to do it in D3 simply because you could do more in D3.

Tho, I will admit, doing it in D2X-XL would be far easier... :)

I'd volunteer to voice act, but I don't think I've got the equipment to do it. :(

It wasn't that bad, was it? Personally, that asteroid base is my favorite part of the whole level, and is one of the fist place i go to when playing it. B)

Sounds like fun. B)

I still hope that some day you'll do a SP version of Basewars tho...

I'd offer to do it for you, but I have niether the know-how, nor time. (got my own project to cotend with. ;))

What Is Project Pavilion?

I realized that this portion as a public use forum is useless if no one but the team members actually know what Project Pavilion is. :p As quite a few Descent fans already know, a true D4 that has it's own system, engine, graphics, and all that, is pretty much impossible to do now, because of severe...

Couldn't you use these in the SP version of Basewars you were talking about doing, or did you decide not to do that after all?


I knew I forgot something, sorry Enzo. You can still join for the making process, I'll add you to the group next chance I've got (at school currently with limited time...)

Stage One is complete!

Just so all of you people keeping tabs on this know... The planning stage of this project is pretty much done (maybe just one or two minor changes here and there) and are moving on to the building stage of the project. Some minor details about what to expect in the finished project... -Will contain ...

Why'd you bother downloading it then?
Who said I did?

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