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Where did either of you come from? :o

Anyway, to answer the question, no, this has no relation to Basewars, it's merely a multi-level single player mission. But don't get your hopes up, it's not likely it going to happen during this decade. :p We're trying though. ;)

I hardly have the time to do much of anything. Most of my week is taken up by my senior year of high school, my part time job, trying to do homework and have ready for when it's due, and sleeping. The only day of the week I have completely free is sunday and I use that day to rest and relax by writi...

Actually, I think it's gotten worse than a coma, to be perfectly honest. ](*,)

Still, it'd be nice to see this project become a reality, even if it does take a lifetime. :P

Ah yes, that bug... :| That particular level isn't perfect in it's desgin, and it's well know for some scripting bugs. Sounds like you've ran into one of them. Unforunately, the only thing I believe you can do is start the level over completely, and hope you don't run into the bug again. (you should...

Or under. It depends on which you perfer. Also, use your headlight. It helps. ;)

I was going to say, I do all of my playing with a keyboard and mouse. Not exactly the best player in the world, but I've been known to occasionally give people a real run for their money once I'm warmed up. ;)

Well, since I really don't care to elborate, I won't. :)

It's not really that interesting either, not to mention that I don't remember the dream

Anyway, to do so would be going off topic. :p

Now see, I'm fully capable of having dreams of other things. Examples: Stargate, Star Trek, Calvin and Hobbes, Harry Potter, Redwall, etc.

Just not Descent! :?

I wish I had more dreams like that. For being a fairly strong Descent fan, you'd think I'd have these kind of dreams more often, but not really. At the moment, I can only think of two, and they wander from the point fairly often. The one I remember better was that I was at school, taking part in a m...

That's not always true, BH, sometimes they give out these things just to escape the constant spam. I know that's what I'd probably do.

But you're right, spamming them probably isn't the answer.

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