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Yes, you certainly have enough material.

Heck, I've been tempted to get back to that Hyperspace fan fic I started write way back, editing it to include all this new info. :)

I've seen that bug! Unfortunately, I never figure out a way around it, either. :(

Normally, I would wait to post a topic until I actually have something to post.


/me watches. :p

The idea of doing less levels has been considered. Actually, i think what the problem is the lack of people willing to dedicate their time to the project. Clearly, I can't do it alone, or do I want to. Whatever the case, I must occur with Hunter. Project Pavilion, while great idea, has just about lo...

The hard to read part varies on the monitor, and it's set brightness and contrast. And what you're viewing it with, too, I've noticed. Some can read it just fine, others cannot.

Glad you like it regardless, tho. I put a lot of work into it (too bad the project's a dud. :()

More like I gave up. Everybody else just left without warning, so it waskinda left up to me. :|

I hate it. If I had more help, that actively helped, I would've gone through with this project.

But it never happened. :(

Yes, that is correct. One for every star system you visit, with the exception of the end system, Tyco Brahe. It just shares the same secret level as the Omega System.

In fact, there's one secret level every four levels in D2! And some are really easy to find, too! You mean you seriously never found any?

Wow, bet that's incentive to replay the game. :p

As I understood it, Interplay did sell some of the rights to Fallout, but kept enough to work on developing a MMO. They claim that to help fund the Fallout MMO, they intend to work on little side-projects to gather the money. One of the games they indicated was a D4. Furthermore, I have found enough...

Yeah, so do I, plus other interests that are admittedly more important to me than Descent. :|

I will add Thomas to the usergroup, if Hunter hasn't already. :)

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