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About the voice acting...

Are there any particular lines to be said, or some kind of script?

And what kind of quality of recordings are you shooting for?

I ask, because it's all factors I need to keep in mind in case I decide to volunteer. (Because nothing would make me happier) :D

Ooh, I didn't know there were more of these...the intent to download has been made, now must download! :D

Isn't that kind of contradictory? :P

I'm for the support ship idea. Seems fitting for something like Hyperspace. :)

Project Pavilion storyline

Yeah, you heard right. The previously top-secret storyline for this now defunct project is now no longer going to be a secret. I figured that if nothing was going to become of it, might as well reveal what the finished project would've looked like, had it ever gotten close to that far. Descent IV - ...

I have Basewars already installed, (apparently one among few :P) but unfortunately, I probably will be unable to make it. :(

Actually, the mine matcens getting shut off depends entirely on the alert level the base is on. If it's above a certain point (level 2, I think) then you cannot shut off ALL of the mine matcens in the room. You'll just have to deal with them. The whole process of uploading that information is extrem...

Yes, we would have an advantage over them in that regard, wouldn't we? :badgrin:

Y'know, it's kinda self-satisfactory that other people playing other games have to worry about situations like that themselves. :p

Very nice. 8)

BTW, every now and then, I visit your site to see what music you've got over there. Got a whole collection of your music in my playlist now. :)

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