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yeah.... we are not worthy of the beauty of which is Grace park!!

I am gonna reinstall FS2 tonight... I've been out of the loop for bloody ages. What should I get my hands on?

Battlestar Galactica

Hey guys... it's your old friend GWL / GreywolvesLeader! I've been in an FS2 mood lately, so I thought I'd retrace my steps and find my way back here! Hope I see the same faces as last time. Sooo... battlestar galactica. Who watches it and is anticipating that AWESOME looking mod? I want to fly one ...

Well, after alot of college work (still failed the course though, damn) and alot of work on OHA... I realised I was neglecting my post here at the F2S, and quickly ran as fast as I could to the site (Or, be it I opened another tab in mozilla and typed the URL...) Anyway, i'm back now. Oh, my, god......

That looks pretty damn sexy.

Anyway, Joey_21... have you seen PSYCHO's planet PCX files? they look UTTERLY sexy, with city lights on the dark sides and stuff, I think he's actually using a couple in that render.

It's sad, because you can't actually fly towards those lights on the dark side of the planet which is obviously a metropolis, damn you PSYCHO and your entrapping planets. :D

That image REALLY makes me want to get back into the 67th man... I'll probably get back into making missions after working with TI for a while, oh, and any help is appreciated guys.

PS: Thanks for actually remembering 67th PSYCHO. :D

What about Ra? Anyway, I like Chronos, Yu and Heru'ur much more. :D Oh, my fave sci-fi aliens? I'd say Teal'c and Jonas from SG1. Teal'c is just... generally kickass, and its funny whenever he does something "human" but does it so it stands RIGHT out. And Jonas is technically an alien, and I just th...

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