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Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Don't worry; we all can be brats from time to time. Also, regardless of age. I can be quite a bit too and I'll be 30 soon. Also, I'm sure there are much worse out there, plus it was the past. So I wouldn't worry too much. And I do know how it feels to wish I never said or did something.

Re: The Community Down Thread

It has been up for a while; at least for me. Maybe it had trouble loading a while back briefly (a blank white page) IIRC. SG was loading in a strange manner (around the same time) and loaded half way (the bottom half of the main forum page didn't load) or something.

Re: Random Link Thread

Yes, but aren't we once again becoming busier and busier than maybe 2 or 3 decades ago? We used to be very busy in the industrial revolution, then worked less and less progressing far into the 1900s, and now more and more again? BTW, links:

Re: Random Link Thread

I tend to think of this as a good point. Technology shouldn't make us busier, but quite the opposite. Strange that modern life makes people busier than before instead of the opposite:

Re: Random Link Thread

No, it's actually quantifiable social science, unlike manliness. Yet every culture differs in what is considered polite. Of course there are some universal aspects. For exmaple, it is always considered impolite to hit someone or throw stuff on someone. The concept of eye contact is cultural. Intere...

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