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Re: Jean-Luc Picard... returns

Yeah, I noticed this on Ars Technica, saw who was running it and then lost any interest in the show. I'll give it a fair chance when it comes out but the chance of it actually being good are fairly low, especially now that Discovery has had to resort to full-scale nostalgia by making Christopher Pik...

Re: Flat-Earthers on ITV

Perhaps, but I don't think intellectuals celebrate stupidity on either side of the pond. One thing I do know is that Brits consider 'intelligent people' to be the enemy, and it starts at school and continues into adulthood. Heck, British comedy is practically built around making fun of smart people...

Re: People start deleting their Facebook accounts..

I have a Facebook account. I can't remember last time I actually did anything with it. The funniest thing is that one of the main reasons I don't use Facebook is that I find it far too confusing to use, I have no idea who can see what. I have no idea how anyone understands the interface when someone...

Re: Stargate Origins

I watched the first two episodes and just found myself annoyed at how little regard it has for series canon. I'll probably watch the rest eventually (it's not too much of a slog when the episodes are so short) but I'm not expecting much after such a disappointing Indiana Jones rip-off of a beginning.

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