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I don't think it's spam to be convinced of open source. :)

Anyway, the issues haven't got much to do with the compiler, though.

The "will *not* work on dedicated servers" statement worries me a bit.

What's the reason why it wouldn't work on dedicated servers?

I know it's an old thread, but I found it just now. I had exactly the same problem, and the only way to fix it was to delete the entire registry key for D3Edit. However, it should be fixed in the latest version after lots of tests (we've tracked it down to one final registry value, and Atan fixed it...

Yeah, I know it is not soo easy, but it's certainly easier than the original idea of Pavillion.

Even if you only have a half-way finished level, or maybe just a few rooms, this would be extremely helpful. The more we throw together the bigger the mission becomes.

Another Mission?

It's a pity that the project didn't make it. Would anybody be up for a "slightly" smaller project, let's say just an SP/MP mission set of maybe 10 levels? Levels as well as music are still missing. Nothing as big as Pavillion, but at least something that has "its feet on the ground". Let me know if ...

[quote="Hunter"]If I had no life, I could probably build the entire level set in a few months. Sadly I have a life.. ! :P[/quote] Same for everybody, though. There's another issue with the supposed 36 something levels. D3Edit can only cope with a maximum of 30 levels in a mission. http://www.descent...

Multi-level single payer/coop sounds good to me. Should you plan to go ahead with the project I'd be happy to build one level for it.

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