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Re: AT&T "There's nothing wrong with your connection"

Interesting development: I started reinstalling Guild Wars 2, and I have absolutely no connection issues during the downloading process. Note that before I started this process, I was getting the expected crappy service. With 95% of my maximum downstream taken up, I am getting better speed and serve...

Re: Max Payne 3

I think the webpage-comprising-the-actual-distance-to-the-moon beats it.


How does the gameplay and level design compare to The Fall of Max Payne? I only ask because going from 1 to 2 I noticed the gameplay got better and everything else got worse.

Re: The War Z

Okay, I grabbed it. #1. Guest passes now last for 24 hours, and can be used whenever. I don't know if the timer starts from the time you input the key or the time you create a character, though. #2. It is, according to the dev. team, in beta. Which is bullshit. This is alpha-stage. #3. A lot of the ...

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