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I wish I had the computers you are throwing away :(

yeah I have a modern computer, but everything else I use is super slow, like p3 level stuff.
I am actaully on a p3 1ghz right now.

Because Genesis states the world was made in seven days, many believe only 6000 years ago, whereas the Dinosaurs existed 97 Million years ago and were around for tens of millions of years, which contradicts the Bible.
I don't think moses literal days.
but whatever.

The freelancer engine is very limited. if it were open source, it would be sooo awesome.

talking about Genesis, then talking about the Dinosaurs, which are clearly in contradiction with the book he quoted from...
um, why?

Anyway, to get into the fan club you need to know VA's first name.

I know it by accident.

and VA, if you are asking yourself how I could possibly know your name, pm me, and I will tell you.

I love how much I can confuse people.
any voyager sucked too.
TNG was the only good star trek.

and the best sci-fi ever was Babylon 5.

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