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Overall, in other words, in this story, ur not really allied or against anyone, but in the end, with my refreshed shivans, everybody will wanna bunch up to fight. All that when you just start off wacking vasudans and pirates. please relase a demo where the text in bold is the basis of 6 to all of t...

Firefox beats 10 shades of poo out of IE in every way...
except the downloader it forces me too use is 100 kb slower than my download manager.

and i hate the .part file thing.

last time there was a hole and he had to start over, but a simple shift-f in blender would have fixed it.

im using blender for projects that require more detail and fixing these days as opposed too truespace/max.

all i get when i click on it is a whole bunch of this: <link></link> <category>Freefall</category> <content:encoded>Album: <i>Freefall </i><br />Length: <i>2:44 </i><br />Size: <i>3.76 </i></content:encoded> </item> ...

ever played a game called "boktai"?

if you mix that with inferno and descent 1 (bobbing included), you get my dreams...

im noy jumping programs anymore, just using blender for some (as i dont know hwo to subdivide in MAX without making it an ugly smooth-jagged thing) and the others in MAX (the UV mapper is easier to use)

as for the detail...i dont see any way too add it.

mah models (strike carrier, mapping stages) (modified AF Kato, never went anywhere. my first model) (collosus-hecate thing. mapping stages. s...

actualy, caro size determines the cargo size of each bullet. "ballistic" makes it have ammo, and $PBank capacity: allows you too make each ship/weapon bank carry a different amount of ammo.

so thats how long freelancer damage spew last? wow.

ps: my ship was once a piece of green crap with the damage decals turned on. if it wasnt considered buggy already, i would have reported it.

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