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Re: Duke Nukem's 'Rebirth'

Really, it's that bad. I was annoyed from the first 15 minutes and never stopped being annoyed by the terrible game mechanics, poor gunplay, boring enemies, jokes that were written by some 10 year old and ugly textures.
Sounds like the entire series summed up fairly well to me.

Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

That's odd. I don't recall posting the rar to the .ani, and I know I posted a link for the ship itself... Hrm. I'll have to see about reuploading it later, since my FS laptop died. Apologies.

Re: Daredevil

The Myrmidon would probably put up the largest fight of any battlecruiser, if only because of its large amount of drones and decent turret DPS.

Re: Daredevil

Yeah, from what I've heard they're pretty glass. But they do pretty good DPS (from what I've heard) due to the 200% damage bonus. I decided to go for the Dramiel instead because it's really, really fast, cheaper, more sturdy, and uses autocannons. It's truly a fun little ship! It's so fast I managed...

Re: Daredevil

It was only added as a flyable ship fairly recently I think, AFAIK. Plus eve battle clinic isn't always the best place to find fits; the Noctis, for example, which is a very useful ship, has barely 4 fits up there (one being a huge troll fit)


So... since I'm in a BC and it'd be a while until I could skill into a battleship effectively, I was going to go for a Daredevil in the meantime, as, god damn is this motherfucker sexy, especially for an EVE ship, and I need a frigate anyway. However, I have no idea how I should fit it and eve battl...

Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to relay that to the texturer. As for the style, aye, I tend to prefer to do more curvy, less detailed designs. I actually was applying curvature to the Medusa but sadly never finished all of it, it's only really present on the bottom of the main hull and the mi...

High-poly GTB Medusa Hi. It's been at least a good couple years since I've posted here, I think. I remember the last meshes I posted here, ah were they awful. Anyway, here...

The demo doesn't really do the game justice, it's pretty short with only 3 small combat scenes. I got the game after trying the demo though and damn is it awesome, and the Hellsing gun was awesome.

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