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Re: 3D Modelling software / 'Sup yo

Just FYI, if you have access to an academic email, you can get 3ds Max for free. It's not too hard to break into modelling, but there's also a tremendous depth of 'stuff' to learn on top of the basics of getting a model build and wrapped (stuff I've never had the time to learn, to be honest, like a...

Re: Bang

Huh damn. So the one time in your life you get to see an actual meteor, you'd better stay away from the windows? Well f### that :(
Wind them down :D

Re: 3D-Printed Mini Ship Models!

No more Orion flavoured ice cream. :p I can't believe how much detail he's packed into such tiny spaces - the model is just 16cm (6 1/4') long, meaning the above pictures are twice as big as the ship itself! His blog page for the Orio...

3D Modelling software / 'Sup yo

Hey guys, long time no see! I was thinking of trying my hand at some 3D modelling. I know some of you guys have experience here, do you have any personal recommendations? I was mainly weighing up between Blender and 3DSMax, both of which I've heard great things about. Price of the software is not pa...

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