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Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

Never watched it. I saw the movie back when it came out, which was pretty high budget for the time - as a kid I liked it, but as an adult I can't stand it.

There are a bunch of old TV shows I've been meaning to re-watch. Space Precinct, Buck Rogers, Alien Nation etc..

Re: Flat-Earthers on ITV

Sure, panel shows come in all shapes and sizes. I was always a big fan of QI, yet I also enjoy 8 out of 10 cats - two very different panel shows. But I can see how things have changed - being a nerd in the 90's sucked. The early 2000's weren't much better. And yet, now that being a 'nerd' is the tre...

Re: Flat-Earthers on ITV

Perhaps, but I don't think intellectuals celebrate stupidity on either side of the pond. One thing I do know is that Brits consider 'intelligent people' to be the enemy, and it starts at school and continues into adulthood. Heck, British comedy is practically built around making fun of smart people....

Flat-Earthers on ITV These guys are just... mind boggling.. :? And that 6% at the end of the poll. Even THAT is too high Am I hallucinating or is this real life? Have we taken the RED or BLUE pill today? I need a lie down, again . You know, Americans are often typecast as being dumber than ...

Re: Stargate Origins

Why would you want to see their ugly mugs in 4k? :P

I've recently finished my re-watch of SG-1 original team (Seasons 1-8). Slowly moving onto Atlantis and the rest of SG-1 now..
Man I've forgotten how bad Atlantis was in the beginning. Weir, Taylor and Ford are SO bland in the first few episodes.

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I don't think Killjoys is quite on par with Firefly, but it's something at least. I much preferred Dark Matter, which got canned in favour of more seasons of Killjoys. :( IMO The Expanse is considerably better than both of them - It's easily the best sci-fi show since BSG ended in 2009. Despite the ...

Re: 15 years of EVE Online

Not only did I sell up, but all my accounts were permabanned because of it. I couldn't return even if I wanted to, though I do still have access to the game via some alts. It just doesn't interest me now though. The only EVE fix I get is by watching other people play it - Bjorn Bee is quite entertai...

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