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Re: Stargate Origins

No, it was sort of implied in the episode that was not their only base - it was something they had discovered in search of the Atero-device. Dr Jackson also seemed to believe more of them were out there by the end of the ep. Also I think at least one of the ships escaped.

Summer TV

So, is anyone else watching 'Salvation'? I was pleasantly surprised by this series. It gets absolutely railed by critics, but it's actually quite enjoyable.. in a kind of popcorn-entertainment kinda way. I'm also waiting for 'The Last Ship' to resume, another summer popcorn series. Gee, those critic...

Re: Stargate Origins

Just got done with Atlantis. I have to say I really like Vegas the more I watch it. I didn't care for it during the initial run, but it's definitely aged well. Joe Flannigan really rocks that ep. :nod:

Re: Stargate Origins

Nope, they weren't all killed. Just watched it and they seemed to imply they are still out there. That planet was just an outpost afterall. Perhaps that would've been followed up on in Season 6.

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