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Re: WillyP? PlanetDescent?

Did he have any local backups to work with? I have a fair bit of experience with this kind of problem - having had numerous issues myself in the 2 decades running websites. Every once in a while something falls flat on its face and takes you by surprise.

Re: Star Trek Discovery

Yeah, it was pretty good. I found Michael Fassbender's performance chilling. The Xenomorph parts were just 'meh'. I wasn't entirely happy with all the unanswered questions Was that the Engineer homeworld? If so, why was it so small and primitive? Why did they look so different from what we've seen b...

Re: Food and Drinks

I usually get palpitations from too much sugar or caffeine. Once I had palps for 3-4 weeks at a time due to something I ate. I also get overly tired after large meals, hence the preference for smaller portions (little and often as they say).

Re: Food and Drinks

Jovian sunspot eh? Is that a Centauri drink? EVE online has a race called the Jovians, you see... I used to drink smoothies a lot more frequently. Despite claims of the health benefits I often feel like a mini episode of diabetes is occuring when drinking one, so I prefer to keep my sugar intake to ...

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