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Re: Stargate Origins

Well the last two episodes redeemed it somewhat with nods to continuity - but it kind of felt rushed and neatly tied up with a bow. Literally EVERYTHING was given a reset button, in a manner of speaking.

Bodily sensations...

I get weirded out when my body does something unexpected. Like, a strange aching sensation in the abdomen or a weird feeling elsewhere in the body. Usually these are the result of something benign i.e muscular or indigestion etc. But sometimes I just FREAK the f### out when I get a new sensation eve...

Re: Sci-Fi Movies

That was discussed here. For me the 'xenomorph' parts of Prometheus and Covenant were the worst. I wanted to see more about the engineers. THAT was the interesting parts of those movies.

The Alien Covenant prequel movie thing they released on Youtube was better than the whole f#####g film.

Re: Sci-Fi Movies

Hmmm.. The problem is over saturation with the 'superhero' type movies and all these reboots. It really makes it hard to remember any good sci-fi flicks. I suppose 'Moon'? I think that's how it was called.

Re: Stargate Origins

Nope, I was not pleasantly surprised. It turned out exactly as I expected. :microwave: While I am sure it will appeal to some rabid fans desperate for a Stargate fix, to me it just utterly pales in comparison to anything they've done before. It shits on canon and has worse special effects/set design...

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