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Re: Stargate Origins

I'm doing a rewatch of Atlantis now. It definitely gets a lot better after the first few eps, one thing I would say though is that SGA feels like Star Trek-lite. That's good and all, but it really is quite a departure from the SG-1 days when humans were the underdogs - now we're pretty much on even ...

Westworld (spoilers)

So.. are response teams in Westworld trained at Starfleet Academy or something? I haven't seen security more useless since the Enterprise days. And wouldn't the governments of the world have a problem with machines running loose in this giant park, on the verge of escaping and letting hell loose? An...

Re: Overload released on Steam

I've finished the campaign, it was pretty short but intense. I didn't spend much time in the levels as I was just doing a casual playthrough to get all of the spoilers out of the way. I'll definitely have to play it again soon, and at a higher difficulty. I missed nearly all of the secrets!

Overload released on Steam After 2 years in development OVERLOAD is finally here, the spiritual successor to the Descent series. The game has just been launched on Steam, you can find it @ It should appear on GOG ...

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