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Re: Sick on Christmas

It's so much easier with a microwave though! Whip out a bag of ready made soup and bung it in the electromagnetic zapping box. Out comes your steaming hot, skin melting soup. I do some basic cooking using actual ingredients (read: vegetables) but usually I don't have all the necessities to make a de...

Re: Board Games

I don't have the patience for those kinds of games, but I've never really had a proper sit down with a what you'd call a 'proper' board game. That being said, I used to play EVE, which required a lot of patience... And I used to make things out of LEGO. So I must have been pretty patient at some poi...

To Neo the lurker

All those years ago on PXO as Samus and Annabelle, do you really think I'd forget those games? I look forward to seeing you in Overload in the future as soon as I get a good controller again :P

Re: Board Games

Played some Monopoly over Christmas. I won. I seem to win every game, yet I have no idea why. I wish I could win the Monopoly of life like that. :morning:

Re: Sick on Christmas

It's a no from me. I like some of those dishes, but definitely not for Christmas! I do like fish but not a big fan of seafood generally speaking, and hot soups tend to mess with my sinuses.

Btw, prawns are the woodlice of the ocean. Did you know that? :P

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