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Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I've been watching them both. So far, my reaction to the Orville is... Egghh... It feels like some of the lightweight episodes of SG-1, so I'm all for that. But I would like to see some more original ideas and less re-hashed Star Trek episodes. As for Discovery... I'm still on the shelf to be honest...

Re: Hyundai telecom must be the worst Internet in all of Korea (현대hcn 진짜 최악이야)

I don't know enough about the tech to give an accurate answer. Basically, the ISP is throttling the connections going to specific servers / pipes. The actual physical line into my home is not being throttled. That's why the net neutrality argument is a big deal right now in the US, because ISPs can ...

Re: Silent Fury release thread (cloned from PlanetDescent)

A fatal bug was found in the initial release which caused Silent Fury to crash on some systems (usually after loading the first level). This SHOULD be fixed now, simply download the installer again or place this hotfix in your Descent 3 folder:

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