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Re: September 22nd

Damn on the setbacks, but good luck bringing Twisted Infinities closer to some form of release. Anything is better than nothing, and having it working properly is really better than having it visually perfect first go. After so long following TI, can't wait to see what is in-store! :D

Re: Status

I am very much looking forward to seeing a released version of Twisted Infinities. The pictures show much promise, and news of a near-future release has indeed been a long time coming.

Do you have a rough estimation of how close you might be to completing this goal?

New media that was meant to be out a few weeks ago, just in time for christmas:
Details on HLP as always!

The FEN textures do look great, but they seem a tad bit low res and detail for my liking. And I actually reckon this reskin turned out wonderfully -- Meant to be orionish, and so it is.

Btw, there is a reason for that green turret texture, but I'm keeping tight-lipped about it for time being.

A thread for Dark Storm now exists on HLP as of yesterday.

The HLP thread will be recieving regular updates, so be sure to stay tuned to it. This thread will also recieve updates when new media is posted.

Yup, Dark Storm is its own thing, not an End War Story and not to be confused with Dawn of Sol :razz:

Stealing ideas? Hah, nah. Dark Storm is pretty different -- Promise 8)

This will be posted on HLP shortly, so expect to see it there very soon as well.

Dark Storm Project

Hello everyone. I'd like to take a minute of your time to show a project that me and another member of the community are working. Up until now there have been some screenshots of Dark Storm and possibly some mentions of it. But what is Dark Storm really? What is the project like? Well, I hope to tel...

Rip of the Viper? No way! Well, it does have its similarities, but no way is it a rip! You could try say the same about the Durandal being a rip off the Wasp from Supreme Commander 2! Well, if you can't finish this one, please do pass it along to someone who can. This model deserves to be completed;...

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