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Re: Sick on Christmas

Yes, tofu (various types) is almost always in my vegetarian/ vegan dishes. The fusion vegetable soup was inspired by the Mediterranean vegetable soup, with a few twists including adding tofu :D Oh, and I don't serve the vegetable soup super hot because all the greens will turn yellow or brown if ove...

Re: Sick on Christmas

I am not huge meat fan. Why not try some vegetarian or seafood dishes for a future Christmas feast?

Here are a few of my creations;
Fusion chunky vegetable soup
Curry rainbow trout with mint and lime
Seafood pasta with seared king scallops

Re: Gallery Re-up

Just some pictures I have taken in the last two years. I will start with some flowers and wild life. DSC_12214.JPG Domestic DSC_10790.JPG Wild DSC_17790.JPG Blue is the warmest color DSC_18203.JPG Tranquility DSC_18223.JPG Alien DSC_18236.JPG 50 shades of violet DSC_10761p.JPG Spring Mating DSC_1994...

Re: Food and Drinks

@ Xelions - Ah, "futuristic" cocktail. I should give it a go. @ Hunty - Do you like zucchini? I prefer zucchini to cucumber in certain dishes, but I think cucumbers make very nice smoothies. What did you mean by mini episode of diabetes? Do you get "sugar rush" from sugar? I get very hyper if I have...

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