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Re: Rebranding

I will admit, I like the dark theme, and personally find it easier on the eyes, but that may be because I often use the computer at night, and so very 'white' themes tend to glare in a dark room, especially on a backlit monitor. If you are going to go with lighter colours, I'd suggest not white but ...

Re: Recommend a game

Got horribly addicted to Factorio, not even sure why, it's sort of a RTS/City builder/Tower Defence game. It's not original but it is an excellent example of how to execute that kind of game.

Re: Need something to replace EVE

Hehe. I've got several games that would be improved by being multi-player, Empyrion, Rising World, Space Engineers, Planet Explorers etc, but it's always hard to find a server that contains the kind of people I'd want to play alongside. Space Engineers in particular is an incredibly boring game in S...

Re: Unknown Target

In the UK when a young child used to get over-excited and throw up in the playgroup, it used to be covered up with sand or sawdust by the ladies who patrolled the playground (we always called them dinner-ladies).

Re: Unknown Target

He's always been a difficult person to work with, not quite bad enough to require the treatment some of the more idiotic posters, but pretty head-in-the-sand about certain issues and a little too discounting of analysis. The real problem for me is the disagreements, I don't really care who it's betw...

Re: best sword!

I voted Katana, partly because I've always liked the sound of the word, it's almost onomatopoeic.

Personally, I trained with the Bow and it will always remain my favourite pre-20th century weapon, but it's not a sword :D

I've known this for ages (though, in fairness, I'm a big fan of Classical Greek mythology). Guess I just assumed everyone did.

It's even more interesting if you compare the idea of 'following the buoys' in the Nebula and following the piece of string in the original Labyrinth ;)

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