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Woot for Christmas break and woot the 2nd for me being off work this whole week.

Otherwise, work, school, modeling for BTRL, and about to look for an engine for my "very good" 240sx while I drive the other which is in good shape but not as good as the other.

Know how you feel man, but beware, I was allright for a few days with just the general stuff like soreness, but 4 days after the operation I came down with a 104 temp, a killer headache and vomiting caused by a secondary infection, so watch yourself man.

*sweeps dust off account

Even though I know Kaz is an idiot, I really didn't see anything that warented a perma-ban. Maybe, they deleted something before I could see it, I don't know.

Anyways, maybe someone should bump "the big thread" and post an ending to it all. :razz:

Must admit, I'm personally rather dubious of the whole thing, squirrels might be able to give a human a slight nip or bruise by biting them, but a full grown dog with hair protecting it, their teeth wouldn't get through the fur. The teeth aren't designed for predator work anyway they are blunt, the...

We are currently preparing to move to another server, this means there will be another downtime coming up. If there are no problems and the move will require only minimal changes, HLP should be open in two days after it has been closed. Domain name ( will not change. After we have co...

It's not as good as when someone put Hurricane Wilma on ebay. :lol: The Yakuza ? I read that a while back. What a loon. Whats funny is, if you check the website, I've posted, it says "thanks for your service", and tells about him leaving. :lol: So, I think he got fired for it.

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